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The Chosen One Patch!

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The Chosen One Iron On Patch!

✦SIZE: 3"

✦Embroidered Iron on Patch

✦Butterfly clasp back

Ships in 1-2 days!

***PATCH IRON ON INSTRUCTIONS: Iron on embroidered patch setting instructions using an iron: DO NOT USE STEAM DURING APPLICATION! Step 1: Set your hand iron to a temperature more than 300 degrees (BETWEEN WOOL AND COTTON) Step 2: Place your patch in the desired position and place a pressing cloth (handkerchief, sheet, or pillowcase) over the top of the patch. Step 3: Press the iron straight down for 35-45 seconds with as much constant pressure as possible. No back and forth movement. Step 4: Turn the garment inside out and repeat steps 2 & 3. Step 5: Allow the embroidered patch to cool down.