The Key is in the Keys! (Keys to the Kingdom Tour!)

The Key is in the Keys! (Keys to the Kingdom Tour!)

Keys to the Kingdom that is! Back in October we finally took the plunge and bought tour tickets and it was the best thing we have ever done. It was full of magic and we recommend it to anyone and everyone that they take the time to go on this tour.


Now, we don’t want to ruin the whole tour for everyone and really there isn’t enough space to talk about all the little tidbits of magic. So we will share with you five favorite moments from the whole experience that we hope will sell it for you!

1. Some of the best tour guides in the biz! Our guide, Rae, was magical. A long-time Disney Cast Member, she knew it all. Stories about Walt, tales from the every-day life and tips on how to make the most of your Disney experience. I know that all of the tour guides in the Keys Program are the best of the best but Rae was something special. She made us laugh, made us cry and made us want to sign up for her next tour!

2. We already knew this but dang Disney is a feat of engineering! Have you ever wondered why walking toward the castle is so magical? Force perspective magic baby! You are actually going uphill as you are heading toward Cindy’s place. Even the buildings on either side of the street are built to make the Castle look much bigger than its 189 feet.


3. Stop and smell the flowers. Appreciate the little things. Take a look around when you are walking toward Cindy’s Castle, don’t just avoid the person’s in front of you heels! Do you see the names on the second floor windows of the buildings? Those are all the lovely people who brought you the magic. And the “businesses” that they are associated with? Usually their hobbies or favorite activity! As you’re walking down the street the names scroll like the credits in a movie. The first name you will see is Roy Disney, the Producer of the whole show. The last name you will see, small and almost hidden, is Walt’s the Director.


4. Ever wonder why there is only one drop in Pirates of the Caribbean but multiple in Disneyland? Well there really wasn’t supposed to be any really, but what goes right through the ride? The train tracks! They actually had to drop the ride under them, hence the little drop in the dark. So cool!

5. The tree in the center of Liberty Square was hand-picked by Walt Disney himself! It was actually damaged when they were bringing it across the bridge. They actually had to go find another tree with the same DNA to graft the damaged tree back together.

While Walt never actually got to see the project completed, he is everywhere. Walt Disney World was truly his dream and one that continues to evolve. We can’t wait to go on the tour again! I’m sure we will learn something new every time!