DIY Death Star featuring Harvey's Circle Bag in Storm

DIY Death Star featuring Harvey's Circle Bag in Storm

A few weeks ago, we got in contact with one of our favorite bag makers, Harvey’s, out of Southern California and just a week later they sent us a couple of their A-Mazing bags for an upcoming Disney trip we have.

With the imminent opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and what with us being HUGE Star Wars fans, we knew that we wanted to create some awesome looks. And with awesome looks come awesome accessories. Instead of just grabbing some silver doodads to add some space magic to our looks, we decided to snazz up one of our favorite brands!

So, let’s start with our supplies! I knew I didn’t want to permanently change the purse, so I took some inspiration from some other cool cats that had done some fun stickers for their bags and got to work.

The Supplies:

1. Harvey's Circle Bag in Storm

2. Craft foam

-Black Sticker Foam

-Grey Foam

-Silver Sparkle Foam

3. Hot Glue Gun

4. Sharp Scissors

5. Death Star Design

Once you have all of the supplies together, start cutting. I chose to not put all the little details on the patch, but to just give the general gist of the Death Star.


You want to make sure that the base is the sticker back foam. I layered the foam colors so it has great dimension. Once I cut out all the pieces that I wanted for my design, I assembled them with hot glue. Then I decided that I wanted to attach all the pieces back to the middle line. I used a thin line of glue on the edge and lined it all up where I wanted the design to be.

That’s it! I pulled the back off and stuck it on the purse! It’s a very strong adhesive, so I believe it will hold up to the Florida heat. AND! It does no damage to your very nice bag! Order your very own bag HERE! Now I can’t wait to get working on the rest of my look! Be on the lookout for pictures coming soon to our Instagram account!