Disney Art Gallery

Disney Art Gallery

Hey y'all! How's your quaranweek going so far?! We're still hard at work bringing you all a little magic including some brand new goodies! 

Until that happens we wanted to share a fun little art project we worked on! Almost every time we head to the Parks we make sure to grab some art. Usually it is the post card size and then we get them home and they start to pile up.

Since we just came off of iFARTS, the number of post cards that have stacked up has gotten much larger! However, the cost of 5x7 picture frames can add up pretty quickly so I wanted to see if it could be done one the cheap and yes it can!

1: Start off by heading to your local Goodwill or thrift store and start searching for frames! I was SHOCKED at how many there are out there. I was going for a mix of all kinds of frames so I wasn't too picky.

2: Clean them! Wherever they've been, you can bet they've been sitting there a while. It will also help because you don't want to paint dust and grime.

3: Start painting! I decided to use two different colors. One was a basic white paint and the other was a sample of wall paint that I had from when I painted my office. Hands down the wall paint covered way better. I could have sanded down the frames and probably gotten better coverage on the white but it was just a fun little project to do! You will need to do a couple of coats. 
4: Let the frames completely dry and put the frames back together. I let them dry overnight just to be on the safe side. Then hang them up!
We used the 3M velcro strips and honestly hanging them took the longest. Because the frames were all different sizes, we had to measure from the center of each picture to the next middle. It was such a pain but I am so excited with how it came out. And there is still a ton of room to add lots more when the Parks open back up!
How do you display your Disney art?!