2019 iFARTS!

2019 iFARTS!

Festival of the Arts that is! Festival Season kicked off at Epcot for 2019 and we were able to hit up one of our favorites, the International Festival of the Arts. To be fair, they’re all our favorites so this was the first of many this year!

Anywho, Festival of the Arts , for those who don’t know, is a short-run festival from January to the end of February that celebrates art. Lots of art in lots of mediums! Paint to canvas, performance art and food art. We love getting to see all the Disney art from truly talented artists! Oh and by the way, we ate our faces off! It’s definitely the best part about any festival, the eating.

And try some yummy things, we did; so lets do a little rundown of some of our favorite treats!


1. Lobster Mac & Cheese and Paintbrush Churros from Taste Track: Very delicious! The mac & cheese was creamy and the pieces of lobster were huge! Definitely worth the price! The churros were also great and we really enjoyed the white chocolate “paint.”


2. Smoked Salmon & Cream Gateau, Trio of Savory Croissant Doughnuts and Pop’t Art: The smoked salmon was full of flavor and the caviar was a nice texture touch. There was a lot of cheese on this dish, so if you love Boursin cheese, then this is definitely the treat for you! We had the trio of doughnuts last year and they were so yummy once again. The Pop’t Art was good but very sweet and we couldn’t finish it.


3. Lobster Chips and Glazed Pork Belly Bloody Mary from Refreshment Port: Again, tons of lobster pieces which made it totally worth the price and we were probably the most excited to try this snack. It was a little on the salty side though and the chips overpowered the great flavor of the lobster and cheese sauce. The Bloody Mary was so amazing! Not too boozy and filled with so much veggie and pork goodness!


4. Chocolate, PB & Pretzel Crunch and Lemon-Blood Orange Tart from Decadent Delights: Lots of yummy chocolate finished off with a glittery raspberry sauce. It was rich without being too heavy. The tart was the perfect palate cleanser and if you love citrus then this is the sweet treat for you!


5. Almond Frangipane Cake and #RainbowSherbertGlitterDreamAle from Pop Eats!: The beer was so surprisingly good! Light and bubbly almost like a mimosa and it was perfect for a warm day! The cake had great flavor that was balanced by the thin layers of raspberry and ganache.


6. Sopes de Chilorio from El Artista Hambriento: Ok, this was the best. The best bang for your buck and 100% a crowd pleaser! We are a group divided with seafood lovers and non-lovers and there were lots of seafood options at this festival so this was something we could all agree on that was so yummy!


7. “Panda” Bubble Tea from The Painted Panda: We love ourselves a good bubble tea and this one was no exception! The mix of classic boba and white boba was a fun change of pace and gave this drink great aesthetic!


8. Taiyaki and Sushi Donut from Takumi Table: The Taiyaki was great and not too sweet but had the right amount of crust to filling ratio! The sushi donut was a total surprise! We expected pre-made level sushi but it was so much better! The fish was fresh and the rice wasn’t too dry and we could have had so many more!

Festival of the Arts was so much fun and even though it rained we would do it all over again. Does anyone else think that the festival needs to last a little longer than just one month?