2019 DCA Food & Wine Festival & Get Your Ears On Snacks!

2019 DCA Food & Wine Festival & Get Your Ears On Snacks!

It’s finally almost Spring! Even though our trip to DCA & Disneyland was a little chilly we still had blue skies! We were also lucky enough to grab some goodies from the Get Your Ears On Celebration and the DCA Food & Wine Festival!

First off you can’t go to Disneyland and not get a Churro! To start we had the Birthday Cake Churro covered in red sprinkles and it came with a marshmallow sprinkle dipping sauce. It was sweet and delicious, but the best part was the dipping sauce. We would say its definitely a must have but, beware, you will have pink teeth after eating it from the red sprinkles!

This churro was located at a snack stand next to the Castle and the Partners Statue.


Get Your Ears On Birthday Cake Churro

Next we tried the Banana Pudding Churro! We’ve heard that many people didn’t like this, but we still wanted to give it a try! It has a Nilla Wafer coating on it which was so good, but the banana pudding dip it came with was really intense and super sweet, we liked it but in a very small amount.

Banana Pudding Churro

This churro was located at the New Orleans Square Churro Cart near the Haunted Mansion. If you try it let us know what you think!

Another treat you have to stop by and get in Disneyland are the beignets! Give us ALL the beignets, but this time we tried out the butterscotch ones that were a part of the celebration. This has to be one of our favorite snacks and the butterscotch did not disappoint! The butterscotch taste wasn’t as strong as we hoped but we still really loved them. And of course we had to pair them with a refreshing Mint Julep!

These are located around the back side of the French Market Restaurant at the Mint Julep Bar.

If the beignets are a favorite snack of yours then you have to try these!


We would have tried more celebration snacks but we headed over to DCA to grab some snacks at the Food & Wine Festival!

We have to talk about the Fiscalini White Cheddar Lager Soup served in a Mini Boudin Sourdough Bowl, this was the first thing we had at the festival, but we had it again right before we ended our trip because it was soooo good! It was just the right portion and with the chilly weather the warm soup really hit the spot! It is similar to the Cheddar Lager soup in the Canadian Pavilion at Epcot, but we actually liked it more!

This was located at the Nuts About Cheese Booth.


Fiscalini White Cheddar Lager Soup served in a Mini Boudin Sourdough Bowl 

A booth you cannot miss is the Golden Dreams! We got the Deconstructed Teriyaki Chicken Musubi with Pineapple Relish and the Anaheim Chile Relleno Bites with Salsa Verde. Our favorite part of the Musubi was the pineapple relish it added the perfect sweet touch to the salty teriyaki sauce.

The chili relleno bites were our booth favorite, they had the perfect crunchy outer layer and the salsa verde sauce had a nice kick to it. We also really enjoyed it because it was easy to share and not too heavy for us to try other things.

Anaheim Chile Relleno Bites with Salsa Verde (Left) & Deconstructed Teriyaki Chicken Musubi w/ Pineapple Relish (Right)

Yippee! Mickey’s Cotton Candy Soda

Lastly we got the Yippee! Mickey’s Cotton Candy Soda (non-alcoholic) and, let’s be honest, we got it because it was pretty and definitely Instagram worthy but to our surprise it was really good! This drink was made of Sprite and cotton candy syrup to give it that pretty blue color and it really did taste like cotton candy!

It was half rimmed with buttercream frosting and Mickey sprinkles luckily it was cool out, but on a hot day we could see this melting into a mess. The best part of the drink was the pineapple cotton candy on the straw, we wish we could have had more of it!

Even if you’re not a soda person go give it a try!

Strawberry & Coconut Rise Frushi w/ Sweet Oikos Yogurt Wasabi Sauce

We were a little disappointed that there wasn’t a ton of sweets but we did get the Strawberry & Coconut Rice Frushi with Sweet Oikos Yogurt Wasabi Sauce. We loved this! It was different than the Frushi you can get at the Flower and Garden Festival. Inside the rolled coconut rice was sliced strawberries and the yogurt wasabi sauce really added the perfect touch. We preferred the yogurt wasabi sauce on this compared to the whipped cream served at F&G, because it helped keep the rice from being too dry.

This was located at the Berry Patch Booth. It is definitely a must have!

Beer-Braised Pork Tacos with Pickled Apple Slaw, Black Beans, and Queso

We stopped over at the Paradise Garden Grill to grab the Beer-Braised Pork Tacos with Pickled Apple Slaw, Black Beans, and Queso. This was a much bigger portion than we expected compared to the other booths, but it was amazing! It came with 3 street tacos and a side of black beans. The pork was cooked to perfection and the sweetness of the apple slaw complimented it in just the right way. If you’re looking to grab a quick meal these are just right!

The Verlasso Sustainable Salmon Peruvian Poke with Cucumber-Lime Salad and Aji Verde Salsa was our least favorite thing. It was served too cold which took away from salmon and the onion and cilantro was overpowering. We would have preferred if it was over rice to help balance all the flavors. If you try one let it warm up a bit before you eat it.

This was located at the Pepper Cali-Ente Booth.


Verlasso Sustainable Salmon Peruvian Poke with Cucumber-Lime Salad and Aji Verde Salsa


We had such a wonderful trip and we hope to make it back next year to try more at the festival! Early March is a great time to visit Disneyland & DCA. The weather is absolutely perfect and the parks are not too crowded before Spring break and Summer. Let us know what your festival favorites were!